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Parasols/Sun Umbrellas

There is a larger range than ever today of materials and fabrics which are used in the manufacture of parasols and sun umbrellas. Frames can be made of steel or wood and have a round, square or rectangular shape. The number of ribs can range from six to sixteen. The larger heavier umbrellas often incorporate a winding mechanism to open and close the umbrella. The frames are also available in a range of colours to match and tone in with the furniture. The most popular frame colour is still white but brown, beige and burgundy are increasing their share of the market. On the fabric side, the cheaper umbrellas are made from a mixture of polyester and viscose or nylon, but plain and printed cotton still have the larger share of the market. Vinyls and vinyl coated polyesters are being used as well as synthetic raffias to give the 'Hawaiian' or 'Grass Hut' effect. There is also a wide range of fringe colours and bound or piped umbrellas with split valances are becoming more and more popular. There is also a range of Dralon and lined umbrellas available in this market.

Care and Attention of your Sun Umbrella

It is not recommended that you leave your sun umbrella out in the rain or at night. The best fabrics will eventually lose their brightness and with so many moving joints on a frame, the coating will wear and rust will set in.

If the umbrella does get wet leave it open to dry before returning it to its original bag or protective covering.

Some fabric covers may be cleaned on the umbrella. Follow the instructions with your particular product.

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