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The LAFUMA furniture range is highly versatile and offers relaxation models designed for use in the garden, by the pool or on the patio. They are also elegant enough to be used all year round in a conservatory or garden house. Because of the lightweight design and foldability our range is ideal for people on the move, be it camping, picnics or a trip to the beach.

With our roots firmly set in France, the natural French flair for design is evident throughout the range. Our fabrics are carefully chosen to perform according to the intended use. LAFUMA frames are made in France to precise performance criteria with rigorous safety and quality standards. When it comes to quality and style LAFUMA have a simple policy – no compromise!

LAFUMA is widely available in leading national stores as well as all good garden centres across the UK.



The fabrics used by LAFUMA are chosen for their high resistance to abrasion, ultra-violet light, tearing and stretching.  Most LAFUMA fabric covers are removable and washable. 


A synthetic woven fabric pioneered by LAFUMA. Batyline is strong and provides full support whilst remaining supple. The weave allows air and liquid to pass freely whilst the synthetic nature of the fabric prevents any deterioration in humid atmospheres.  Batyline is therefore particularly suitable in gardens and around swimming pools.  Cleaning the fabric is simple, needing only a brush and soapy water.


This smooth canvas is very soft to touch and is a 100% polyester fibre.  Its main qualities are exceptional dimensional stability (won’t stretch or sag) and resistance to fading from UV light and rainwater, enhancing longevity.  This canvas is particularly suitable for camping and picnics. Airlon is very easy maintenance; many stains or dust can easily be brushed off or removed by with a damp cloth.


Lafuma padded canvasses are a 50/50 poly-cotton blend, making them very pleasant to the touch. Lafuma specify high-density foam for the padding filing, which is not only extremely comfortable and supportive, but complies with strict UK fire-retardency regulations.  The padded models are available in a variety of elegant designs that add a touch of colour and brightness.



LAFUMA furniture uses materials and mechanisms that are simple and safe to use. Tubular frames are used throughout the range in steel and aluminium as both materials are versatile in creating a modern design and practical to use.

HLE Steel Tube

With an unbeatable strength to lightness ratio, High Level Elastic (HLE) tubular steel  is the only choice for LAFUMA’s range of steel furniture. HLE steel is 15% lighter than other steels of the same strength but allow a good degree of flexibility. The sheer quality of the HLE steel allows Lafuma to create strong, smooth curves in the frames. HLE steel is not the cheapest but is ideal for use in furniture.


The aluminium alloys used in our products have been carefully selected based on strict performance criteria. 5049, 5449 or 5086 aluminium is used depending on the product type.  Alloy frames are lightweight, easy to handle, solid, and not susceptible to age or weather induced wear.  For these reasons (and unlike cheaper varieties), LAFUMA’s aluminium framed products have been shown to stand the test of time.

LAFUMA products are subject to uncompromising tests in our trial lab, and either comply with European standard EN81 or are TUV and GS* approved (aluminium products).

 *Geprutte Sicherheit (German testing organisation)


Lafuma Outdoor

Lafuma are also an International Outdoor sports brand with an extensive range of performance outdoor clothing, rucsacs, tents and sleeping bags. For more information on all products and the Lafuma company please visit our web site.